About Kevin's Positions

I am a Husband and the Father of a Fourth Grader. I am completely invested in the long-term success of DuPage County. I look for long-term solutions to the questions before us. I am very optimistic, and ambitious, with regard to DuPage County’s future and the role that we could play for our troubled state. We need to lead and build a community strong enough, and economically diverse enough, to withstand the financial challenges that come from our place in a state that faces such serious economic headwinds.

My candidacy is built around “Prosper DuPage” and will focus on six core policy issues:


Reducing Real Estate Taxes


Advancing Environmental Sustainability


Creating Blue Collar and White Collar Jobs


Fighting Teenage Drug and Alcohol Abuse


Growing Economic Development in DuPage County


Protecting DuPage County from Street Crime and Gun Violence


I am Committed to strong Financial Principles and Economic Development.

The DuPage County Board has weathered financial difficulties that other counties in Illinois have fallen short on. This is the result of strong and experienced leadership. I intend to lead in DuPage County the same way I have on Naperville City Council: with a commitment to finding creative ways to cut the cost of government every year. We need to adhere to these principles in the coming years. Equally important, we must continue to grow our economic and business base to attract high-paying jobs and reduce the burden of property taxes on our residents.

I Believe in Consolidating Government Services and Sharing Costs.

Illinois needs to better control the cost of government. When economies of scale can be achieved through partnering with other government entities, such opportunities need to be capitalized upon. Proposed consolidation of governmental bodies could save taxpayers hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars annually. Consolidation opportunities need to be seized upon and new ways to curtail the growing footprint of government need to be found.


I Will Rein in our Real Estate Tax Levy.

In my opinion, there is no more damaging tax than the real estate tax. Illinois’ high real estate taxes hinder our ability to compete, they are stifling to our real estate market, and they punish our seniors. I am fully committed to doing whatever it takes to reduce our real estate tax levy in coming years. In my first year on council, we were able to reduce our tax levy substantially. It will be my goal to make the annual reduction of our tax levy as a priority one item.