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About Kevin's Positions

I am a Husband and the Father of a District 203 student. I am completely invested in the long-term success of DuPage County. I look for long-term solutions to the questions before us. I am very optimistic, and ambitious, with regard to DuPage County’s future and the role that we could play for our troubled state. We need to lead and build a SAFE community, one that is strong enough, and economically diverse enough, to withstand the financial challenges that come from our place in a state that faces such serious economic headwinds.

My candidacy is built around “Keeping DuPage County Communities Safe and Strong” and will focus on five core policy issues:


Reducing Real Estate Taxes

I ran for City Council to reduce real estate taxes, consolidate unnecessary government, and improve the East Ogden Corridor in Naperville. Since being elected, I have successfully pushed for millions of dollars in tax abatements that have greatly contributed to Naperville now having the lowest tax rate in its history. I led a road district referenda that led to the consolidation of Naperville Township and Lisle Township's Road Districts (one of the largest consolidations ever in DuPage County). I have also constantly pushed for the improvement of the East Ogden Corridor. Today, Costco and many other new developments have come or are underway. I will continue my commitment to lower real estate taxes and improved government efficiency as your DuPage County Board Member. I do not run from tough decisions and I will do whatever it takes to minimize your real estate tax bill.

Shown below are links to articles that demonstrate my commitment to reducing the cost of government.

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Advancing Environmental Sustainability

I have been proud to serve as the City of Naperville’s liaison to the Naperville Environmental Sustainability Taskforce (NEST). I was also proud to represent Naperville on DuPage County’s Stormwater Commission. Elected officials at all levels must do what we can to make our environment cleaner and safer for our children. During my time on its City Council, Naperville has been a leader on a host of environmental concerns and initiatives, especially involving solar energy. When I represent residents on our DuPage Count Board, I will continue to work with local environmentalists and experts to find ways to improve sustainability and to make DuPage County as eco-friendly as possible. Let’s work together to make District 5 safe, clean, and a leading community in the area of environmental sustainability and green initiatives.

Find articles below which touch on environmental initiatives that I have been involved and supported in while representing the City of Naperville.

Coyne Appointed to Stormwater Commission, Flood Map Work to Begin

NEST Hosts Open Houses to Discuss Environment Concerns

Naperville Approves Solar Grants Program

Naperville to Update Environmental Sustainability Plan


Creating Blue Collar and White Collar Jobs

We need to do what we can to assure that our next generation has strong and varied opportunities to succeed professionally. We need to promote policies that attract business, incentivize job creation, and appreciates both blue collar and white collar job creation. In my time on Naperville’s City Council, I have consistently promoted economic development as a means of creating jobs and tax revenue for our community. I have also pushed for efficient government, consolidation, and streamlined permitting processes as a means of attracting development opportunities to Naperville. As a former junior college student, I fully appreciate the value and importance the College of DuPage, and trade schools, have to our community. Trade schools need to be supported and encouraged for those with the aptitude and interest in a career in the trades.

Shown below are a number of articles that highlight my commitment to job creation.

Coyne: Time is Now to Bring Manufacturing Back to USA

Coyne Calls for Hiring Top Police and Fire Professionals

Coyne Encourages Support of Job Creation and Economic Development

Coyne Pushes for Improvements to Commuter Parking and Permits


Keeping DuPage County Safe

I am deeply committed to making DuPage County as safe as possible for our young people. Drug use has risen greatly during the COVID pandemic. We need to work together to do what we can to keep illegal drugs, alcohol, and other intoxicants away from our youth people. To this end, I started an organization called Safe DuPage which offers our community panel discussions with elected officials and community leaders on matters that involve public safety. Moreover, I also opposed allowing retail marijuana sales in Naperville and worked closely with the Opt Out Naperville group that did such a nice job educating Naperville residents on the risks associated with marijuana use. I am also a very vocal supporter of our police. During this unprecedented time in our country, our police and public safety personnel need to know that they are supported by their elected officials. I will continue to be a huge supporter of law enforcement while serving on the DuPage County Board. The safety of you and your family will always be my top priority when making decisions on your behalf as your DuPage County Board Member.

Shown below are a number of news articles that demonstrate my commitment to public safety.

Coyne Launches Safe DuPage Aimed at Public Safety

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Coyne, Safe DuPage Discuss Public Safety in Lisle

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Coyne Hosts Event Honoring Naperville Police


Lets Strengthen our Local Economy and Create Bright Futures for Our Children

We have to do what we can to attract businesses to DuPage County. As the private sector invests in DuPage County, jobs are created, needed sales tax revenue is generated, and the burden on our residential real estate levies is reduced. DuPage County will need strong economic development to remain one of the strongest counties in America. I am fully committed to making DuPage County fair and efficient for businesses to work with. I will do all I can to promote DuPage County to the business community.

Our campaign is a proud member of the Naperville Area Chamber of Commerce, the Aurora Regional Chamber of Commerce, the Lisle Chamber of Commerce, and Chamber630. I have 20 years experience representing small businesses in their legal affairs as legal counsel. I have also owned my own business and I fully appreciate the hard work and pressure that comes with having to meet payroll.

As your DuPage County Board Member, I will work hard to attract businesses that will help our local economy. Let's work together to create opportunities for the next generation all members of our DuPage County community!

Please see the articles below that demonstrate my commitment to supporting smart economic development and small business owners.

Coyne Hosts Townhall on East Ogden Avenue

Coyne Continues to Push for Improvements to East Ogden

Coyne Pounds Drum For Ogden Improvements

Coyne Urges Residents to Consider Benefits of 5th Avenue Too

Coyne Supports Water Street Development in Naperville

Coyne Works to Improve Aesthetics on Ogden


I am Committed to strong Financial Principles and Economic Development.

The DuPage County Board has weathered financial difficulties that other counties in Illinois have fallen short on. This is the result of strong and experienced leadership. I intend to lead in DuPage County the same way I have on Naperville City Council: with a commitment to finding creative ways to cut the cost of government every year. We need to adhere to these principles in the coming years. Equally important, we must continue to grow our economic and business base to attract high-paying jobs and reduce the burden of property taxes on our residents.

I Believe in Consolidating Government Services and Sharing Costs.

Illinois needs to better control the cost of government. When economies of scale can be achieved through partnering with other government entities, such opportunities need to be capitalized upon. Proposed consolidation of governmental bodies could save taxpayers hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars annually. Consolidation opportunities need to be seized upon and new ways to curtail the growing footprint of government need to be found.


I Will Rein in our Real Estate Tax Levy.

In my opinion, there is no more damaging tax than the real estate tax. Illinois’ high real estate taxes hinder our ability to compete, they are stifling to our real estate market, and they punish our seniors. I am fully committed to doing whatever it takes to reduce our real estate tax levy in coming years. In my first year on council, we were able to reduce our tax levy substantially. It will be my goal to make the annual reduction of our tax levy as a priority one item.